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How Big is too Big?


Don’t let the idea of buying a side of a 300 lb pig intimidate you! Note that ‘hanging weight’, the weight price is calculated from, is generally about 75% of live weight. And further, the ‘cut weight’, or the finished weight of meat that actually ends up in your freezer, is another 75% of that. So if you were to, say, split a side with a friend of a 300 pounder, you will generally end up with less than 50 lbs in the freezer. This is more than manageable and a much better deal than buying that same amount of meat piecemeal over the course of the summer farmers’ market. The actual price per lb you end up paying is usually under $6. Smaller pigs are available, but they cost more per lb and larger hogs also offer a better ratio of meat per lb of weight, so make sure you do the math and understand what you’ll really end up with before you dismiss a large hog as way too big.

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If you are interested in a 1/4 of a full market weight hog, but don't have a friend to split a half with, let us know and we will try and match you with another customer in the same situation.

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