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Whole Pigs

Occasionally, when overstocked, we may offer processed whole and half hogs for purchase, as well as live animals. Sizes will vary, from suckling up to 300 lbs+. For butchered pigs prices start at $2.95/lb of the warm head-on hanging weight for a whole market weight hog (see .pdf link at bottom of page for more info).

For an additional cost, a full range of butchering and bulk sausage is available from our USDA processors. Curing, smoking, and finer sausage processing also available for nominal extra charges. There is a flat kill fee of $30/side on all orders. Hog can be gutted and skinned and delivered as a whole side for no per lb butchering costs or broken down into the main primal cuts for another flat $60. "Scald and Scrape" available for $125, which allows delivery of head, trotters, and skin, as desired. Heart, kidneys, and liver are $1/lb. All meat professionally vacuum packaged.

-- Click here to understand better how to select the right size pig --

Please email for exact current availability and full price list. May be picked up at the butcher or the farm or delivered for $25 within 35 mile radius. Allow up to 4 weeks to work into butcher schedule from date of order. A 10% deposit (minimum $50) is required with invoice, which is refundable if order takes more than 4 weeks to fill.

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We recommend allowing the butcher to freeze the meat. Meat keeps extremely well if kept cold in the vaccum packaging. Logistics of fresh delivery are more challenging, but for those that require it, fresh orders are available for an additional $100 (can be reduced by combining orders or avoided if you pick up at butcher within 24hrs of processing).

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We currently have a presence at numerous farmers markets, where we offer a full range of frozen cuts of pork, as well as hot food. At any given time we may have specific cuts available in our freezer. Come out and visit us - please just call ahead.

We operate primarily locally out of central Virginia, although we are willing to ship frozen meat to any area of the country to customers who are willing to pay the expense.

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