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Customer Testimonials



The flavor of this pork is wonderful!  Very much enjoying.


My father-in-law also said that he was impressed with the processing -- nice and clean.

He was once the meat and seafood director for all of Ukrops and served on the Virginia Cattle Industry Board. He is now semi-retired, but still works part-time as a butcher at Libbie Market. He says they get requests for whole pigs from time to time, and thought you'd be good referral.


Thanks for the beautiful pig =)


Kathy Corker

Maidens, VA


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The family loves the bacon and the eggs are great, too!


Thanks for hooking me up,


Kurt Woerpel

Charlottesville, VA

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I recently had one of your breakfast sandwiches at the DuPont farmers market and fell in love!! I went back next week for sausage and a container of tomato aioli. I now go to bed knowing that no matter what craziness the next day throws my way, I’ll have a scrumptious breakfast because of Hog Haven Farm. Thank you for everything you are doing during this time and for bringing some sunshine into my day!

Anonymous Instagram

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Thank heaven for Hog Haven!


I have been using pastured pork for years and I’m very impressed with Hog Haven. Normally I’ll brine pork chops 30-45 minutes before cooking, but just as an experiment I cooked a Hog Haven chop sans brine. The result, full flavor and tender, no need to brine. The bacon is perfect. [Less] salt is good, because if a person prefers [that] they’re happy and for me I have the control to choose; a choice I’m truly thankful for. My wife really enjoyed the tenderloin.


Hog Haven eggs are among the best pastured eggs I've eaten. They come in different colors due to different breeds and the dark yellow, beta carotene rich yolks tells me these layers are roaming the farm's variety of pastures. Rob says the pampered hens have no fences and get to choose where they will go each day... so they truly get to express their "chickeness".


I highly recommend Hog Haven pastured pork and eggs to anyone who wants to enjoy the best central Virginia has to offer.


Mike McBlair

Founder WahooRidge BBQ

Charlottesville, VA

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