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Hot Food from Hog Haven


There are, of course, many great reasons to be in the artisanal pork business, but in our view the best ones are culinary. Early on, largely in an effort to attract attention to our packaged meats, we began preparing hot food at the farmers' markets featuring our pork. This quickly became what we are mainly known for (especially our famous breakfast sandwich!). Currently, we offer a range of amazing food at the markets and special events, always prepared with ALL local and/or organic or grass-fed ingredients, the way we believe food at farmers' markets should be done, even though it rarely is.


What we strive for is sometimes referred to as "Real Food" or "Slow Food", and what we prepare is a true alternative to fast food, and, indeed, the vast majority of the "carnival" fare you find at your typical farmers' market, which unfortunately is all too often disguised as something that it is not. Slow Food seeks to preserve traditional and creative cuisine, encouraging the use of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem. Just like our pork itself, it is better for the environment, the local economy, and your health, not to mention that it just tastes better! It was first established as part of the broader Slow movement. Its goals of sustainable foods and promotion of local small businesses are parallel and a response to the over globalization of agricultural products, that may lower food prices, but at a cost!




Some examples of what we make:


-"THE" Hog Haven Breakfast Sandwich - A farmers' market staple; includes a Hog Haven sage sausage patty, cage free eggs, and grass-fed Irish cheddar, all on a locally fresh baked English muffin with house-made tomato aioli. Try it with our Hossome or BoJo Sauce, Hog Haven's secret hot sauces!


-Kielbasas, Bratwursts, and Italian Sausages - Beer braised and served on soft potato or local pretzel buns with delicious house-made toppings, like slow cooked peppers and onions, spicy relish, or wine braised organic sauerkraut.

-Pork BBQ - Hog Haven pork butts dry-rubbed, slow smoked to perfection, pulled, chopped, and served on a local brioche or potato bun with homemade organic slaw and Hog Haven's own BBQ sauce.


And there's much more than this...generally simpler fare like chili, nachos, "Hog Burgers", "Hog Dogs", etc., but we're capable of just about anything you need (check out the spaghetti carbonara with roasted vegetables and the meat loaf with venison stock hunter's sauce in the above slide show as an example), including other meats, just as long as everything is local and top quality. So contact us about catering and checkout our new food trailer, appearing at your local brewery and available to book for your next event.


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